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 Technology Advisors Board 

Dr. Silviu Darie – PhD(EE), PE(EE)

silviu-darieDr. Silviu Darie joins the C&M Collaborative Technologies Advisory Board  as EE Managing Director after 48-years of research, training and consultancy in the power and energy industry.

As Vice President of Engineering at Power Analytics from 2005 through 2013, Dr. Darie developed the majority of the documentation for the EDSA/Paladin DesignBase. He is also fluent in competing power flow modeling software tools such including PSS/E, PSS/U, SKM, ETAP, Easy Power, DigSILENT, NePlan, ASPEN, CYME, and PSCAD/EMTDC, conducting professional training course through-out the globe, training to more than 2,450 engineers worldwide.

Dr. Darie also served as Senior Consultant and Leader of the Electrical Engineering Department, Compusoft, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During his tenure as Professor of Power Systems and Professor of Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania, from 1967 to 1990, he also served as Award Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He served as Scientific Secretary from 1984-1990, during which he was promoted to Scientific Vice Chancellor in 1988. Between 1996 and 1997 he was a Technical Advisor to the National Manager at DesignPower, Auckland, New Zealand.

During his extensive career Dr. Darie published 120 papers, co-authored and published 35 technical books and created 35 animated tutorials based on the EDSA power flow design software. He secured 160 research project contracts for industrial applications, out of which 19 prototypes were launched into mass production. Dr. Darie holds three registered patents.

CEO, President – The Smart Power, CO. March 2014 – January 2016
Power Systems Modeling, Strategic Planning, Power Quality Performances Investigation, Fast Transients, Distribution Reliability Analysis.
Vice President – Power Analytics CorporationJanuary 2005 – July 2013
Specialized power system studies, DesignBase Trainings, Flow Chart for software development in power systems.

Dr. Dan Ionescu PhD Eng, P Eng , Professor at University of Ottawa

dr-dan-ionescuProfessor Dr. Dan Ionescu, joins C&M Collaborative Technology Advisory Board as ICT Managing Director .

Dr. Dan Ionescu is a full Professor with the University of Ottawa since 1985. He is the Director of the Network Computing and Control Technologies research laboratory since 1999.

Professor Dr. Dan Ionescu is a senior member of various IEEE, IFIP, and IFAC groups. In 1992 he was visiting professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Telecommunications, Paris, France, during one of his sabbatical leaves. He also spent a sabbatical month at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

His research at the University of Ottawa spans over a few domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Distributed Computing and Network Control. His contributions to Expert Systems, Image Processing, Temporal Logic, Discrete Event and Real-Time Systems materialized in a series of papers, and an edited book. A series of industrial and governmental research grants were obtained. His research received support from CITO, Nortel, Newbridge, AT&T, Cplane, and NSERC.

Professor Dr. Ionescu founded in early 1988 the Machine Intelligence Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, and in 1999 the Network Computing and Control Research Laboratory (NCCT) which he presently directs.

During his career at the University of Ottawa Professor Dr. Ionescu and his collaborators have developed new methodologies in the area of Expert and Learning systems, Temporal Logic, Control of Discrete Event Systems, Image Processing and Machine Vision, where his team focused among other subjects, on Object Identification, and 3-Dimensional Object Reconstruction. In the telecom era he has directed research on Network Management, Next Generation Network Architecture, Distributed Computing, and others. His design and implementation of the first distributed network management platform made the subject of tight collaborations with Nortel, Newbridge and U.S. companies. His vision on networking helped Telecom Ottawa to implement the first very high speed (10G) Ethernet Metro Area Network fully controlled by a software platform delivered by Diatem Networks, a company founded by Professor Dr. Ionescu. His research team under his supervision has designed and implemented a next-generation network known as the NCIT*net 2.

In recent years his research was focused on subjects related to web-based collaborative environments, and a complex platform called UC-IC was built. A lighter version Watch-Together was also created and a Facebook application was made available to users. His collaboration with the IBM Center of Advanced Studies from Toronto led to theoretical and experimental developments in the area of Autonomic Computing. These were applied to the field of Cloud Computing. More recently his team was involved in Gesture Control, activity which produced a new 3D IR Camera, and a series of algorithms and applications to the control of electronic gaming, consumer electronic devices such as TVs, set-top boxes, or laptops, and mobile phones. (Mgestyk)

Stellan Banica, – P. Eng.

Stellan Banica, – P. Eng, has joined C&M Collaborative Technology’s Advisory Board as Office Facility Management Coordinator.
Mr. Banica is the founder of SBTech eU a technology consulting company located in Vienna Austria and the representative of IKU®Windows, Austria, PANOTRON Photovoltaic Systems, Switzerland, Thermodul Systems, Germany, Elastic Living Solutions, Austria.
Stellan Banica has a successful career as a mechanical engineer, technology coordinator, project manager and logistics manager.
The most notable held positions include:
• Bosch AG Austria – Diesel systems validation and technology transfer from Germany to Austria.
• Iku Intelligent Windows Systems AG in Vienna / Austria – Supervisor, Quality responsible, Testing coordinator, Product trainings, Site Inspections in Austria and abroad, Area Responsible for Japan and Middle East.
• Express Interfracht GmbH / Austria – Transport coordinator for France, Italy and Austria – responsible for logistic planning in the Truck / Bulk department.
• Volvo Truck Corporation / Sweden – project manager in Sweden and France, responsible for project quality assurance plans.
• Volvo Truck Corporation /Sweden – Field Testing engineer.
• Petrom Romania – Transport planning manager, vehicle fleet administrator (over 200 vehicles) and workshop manager.