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            The C&M Collaborative Technologies – Office Facilities Management Technologies Team and our associated partner SB Tech e.U., a technology company based in Vienna, Austria, can provide solutions based on iku®windows specialized cutting-edge “self-cleaning glass façade” technology.
The iku®windows system makes cleaning of any glass façade possible at the touch of a button. The mechanism guiding the wiper is integrated in the profiles. After pumping the cleaning fluid onto the glass façade through a central water connection the wiper starts to move from the top of the façade to its end and cleans the pane continuously. The system can be connected to central control systems (BMS) and offers high comfort and security.
Emergency evacuation of people in case of disaster possible with iku®windows technology. The hamper, which is normally used for the façade maintenance, could also be used after a special development, for transporting people. Similar to emergency exits in airplanes, so called evacuation points could be established at different places in the façade to enable evacuation away from the danger area. There is no further hazard due to wind gusts during the transport because the hamper runs close to the façade.

         Façade protection against fire is an additional option iku®windows. By increasing the pressure of the water spraying, originally intended for cleaning only, the outside surface of the façade can be protected from fire and smog.


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