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December ,1th 2020 - Rescheduled the 2020 Dubai conference

Rescheduled the 2020 Dubai conference

Together with our co-sponsors,C&M Collaborative Technology WLL has decided to rescheduled the 2020 Dubai conference until 2021. The actual date and details of the rescheduled conference will be communicated based on the careful evaluation of the COVID-19 situation.
Update the sponsored event in Dubai dubai-renewable-energy.com

Octomber,15 2019 - The Energy Efficiency Alliance initiative

The Energy Efficiency Alliance initiative

          In full alignment with our mission and civic responsibilities, C&M Collaborative Technologies is concentrating their efforts in promoting and providing environment friendly, high efficiency technologies and solutions to our clients.
          In line with these efforts, we have approached our partners and associates to create a common strategy and ensure a better synergy. We are happy to announce that as a result of these discussions, C&M Collaborative Technologies has proposed the creation of an alliance, a first step to ensure our clients.
          We are happy to announce that ERAM Group, EnergoBit and PQ Logic are the first companies to join C&M Collaborative Technologies in creating the THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY ALLIANCE for the benefit of our clients.
This alliance is open and we expect more companies will adhere shortly.

Starting June 1, 2019 we have moved our offices.

Starting June 1, 2019 we have moved our offices. The new address is:
Suite #1019, 6th Floor, Unisono Tower, Tower Bldg. 614, Road 1011, Block 410 Sanabis,
PO Box 17202
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1725 5835

15 April 2019 C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL and ESAVE

C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Swiss based company ESAVE which will allow the introduction to our clients of a cutting edge AI based technology which applies to Intelligent Street Lighting solutions. This technology can dramatically reduce the electrical energy consumption for street lighting and reduce the energy costs for municipalities.

5 April 2019 * Dr. Silviu Darie @ the 2019 Power Energy Summit Dubai conference.

Dr. Silviu Darie, Managing Director EE C&M Collaborative Technologies, at the 2019 Power Energy Summit Dubai conference.


Power Energy Summit 2019 in Dubai February 18 - 20, 2019

            C&M Collaborative technologies WLL will participate at the Power Energy Summit 2019 in Dubai February 18 – 20, 2019 www.powerenergyconferences.org. With this occasion, Prof. Dr. Silviu Darie PhD(EE) PE(EE)  will chair the Power Systems Engineering scientific session and will be a presenter. His presentation, A Pragmatic Approach Towards Power Quality: Harmonic Analysis Guide, is providing a brief insight of his newly published book Computer Aided Power Systems Harmonics Analysis. A copy of the presentation will be made available on our website after the conference.

13-14 February 2019

Between 13 February 2019 and 14 February 2019, and Our Austrian technology partner, SBTech eU, participated to the 2019 STEP Conference in Dubai. With over 250 startups showcasing and more than 1000 entrepreneurs attending, STEP hosted multiple programs to facilitate connections with investors, clients, partners. With this occasion, SBTech presented Stelar, the ikuWindows based technology for façade cleaning and PV cleaning which is made available in the Middle East. C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL is an SBTech Eu agent   In the Middle East.

2019 STEP Conference in Dubai: https://stepconference.com/                                       SBTech Eu: http://www.sb-tech.at

April 05 - 2018 - New member in the Technology Advisors Board

            C&M Collaborative Technologies are proud to announce that Mr. Stellan Banica has joined the Technology Advisors Board. He will be coordinating our activities in the Office Facility Management vertical.             Mr. Stellan Banica is the founder of SBTech EU a technology consulting company located in Vienna Austria and the representative of IKU®Windows, Austria, PANOTRON Photovoltaic Systems, Switzerland, Thermodul Systems, Germany, Elastic Living Solutions, Austria.             Mr. Stellan Banica has a successful career as a mechanical engineer, technology coordinator, project manager and logistics manager.

March 10 - 2018 - New training courses

            C&M Collaborative Technology WLL are pleased to announce our customers that starting in the second quarter 2018, we will be able to organize specialized Electrical Engineering training sessions. Initially we will deliver the training courses on location and we are working on establishing a web-based platform delivery in the near future. The courses are developed and taught by our distinguished EE Managing Director and Technology Advisory Board member Prof Dr. Silviu Darie PhD(EE), PE(EE).             Please visit our website Training section where you will find the course summaries and their agendas on offer. Interested individuals are kindly requested to email contact@cm-collaborative-tech.com for details on availability (location and timing) and cost. Training will be organized on location based on the number of participants and selected topics.             We are also pleased to announce that we will be soon able to take orders from our customers for delivering the electronic form of the latest book by Prof Dr. Silviu Darie entitled COMPUTER AIDED POWER SYSTEM HARMONICS ANALYSIS (a summary of the book is available for view on our website the Training section). Soon we will have available pricing information.  Individuals attending our training sessions are eligible for discounts. Interested individuals are kindly requested to email contact@cm-collaborative-tech.com for details.             In another exciting development, C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL is pleased to announce our intention to become a reseller for professional Electrical Engineering software. Through our distinguished EE Managing Director and Technology Advisory Board member Prof Dr. Silviu Darie, we are in discussions with several such professional software providers. Please check our News section on our website for information on this subject.

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New Adress May 01, 2017

As of May 1, 2017, C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL moved their main office to a new location. All mail and communications on the old address will still be serviced until June 15, 2017. C&M new address is: Suite #1009, 10th Floor, Al Jasrah Tower, Bldg. 95, Road 1702, Block 317 Diplomatic Area PO Box 3214 Manama Kingdom of Bahrain TEL: +973 1757 0410 FAX: +973 1753 2259

Seminars & presentations March 15, 2017

Dr. Silviu Darie, C&M Managing Director EE and C&M Advisory Board Member completed a successful visit Bahrain and Saudi Arabia aiming to present our company’s capabilities and services in the Power Energy Optimization domain. He conducted a series of technical presentations and technology showcases with interested clients. On March 7, 2017 C&M Collaborative Technologies and our partner Saudi Sinyar have conducted a series of presentation on the topic Power Energy Optimization in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Silviu Darie, presented the best approach and latest technologies required to undertake Electrical Power Optimization projects and Energy Audits to an audience of professional engineers and managers. Participating companies included: Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed), Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maaden), Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Chevron Phillips Chemical Company., Sadara Chemical Company, Advanced Petrochemical Company,   Khonaini International Co. LTD, Al-Jubail petrochemical Co. (KEMYA), Olayan Descon Industrial Company, Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF), Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM). On March 11, 2017, Dr. Silviu Darie and C&M CEO Gabriel Columb visited The Bahrain Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) and presented the C&M capabilities and services to the EWA engineering staff.

Middle East Client Visits March 5-14, 2017

C&M Collaborative Technologies WLL and Saudi Sinyar

proudly announce that Dr. Silviu Darie PhD(EE, PE(EE), C&M Collaborative Technologies Managing Director EE will be conducting a series of seminars and presentations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain between March 5, 2017 and March 14, 2017. The most significant topics covered include:

  • Electrical Engineering Capabilities & Case Studies
  • Industrial plant energy efficiency: towards a smart industrial plant the ways of reducing the energy bills
  • Arc Flash Investigations: ways to avoid power interruptions

Persons interested to attend are encouraged to contact us by email: contact@cm-collaborative-tech.com .

Proposed Agenda:

1. CM-Collaborative Technologies: Electrical Engineering Capabilities & Case Studies; Silviu Darie

The C&M Electrical Engineering Consultancy Team and its associated partners (EnergoBit – Romania, GillEngineering – USA, PQ Logic-Canada) have the followings capabilities:

  • Specialized Consulting Services;
  • General Planning & Project Management;
  • Engineering Electric Design;
  • Energy Efficiency: based on customer requests or standard maintenance work;
  • Energy Audits: measurements and calculation of the energy performance;
  • Smart Grid Design and Implementation: a complex combination of the Power Network with SMART Equipment (IT, Real Time Control System, Telecommunication Infrastructures;
  • Energy Consumptions Monitoring for Industrial Plants;
  • SCADA System;
  • Power Quality Monitoring Systems;

Training and on-site Specialized Courses. Several case studies are presented: project scope, implementation and achievements. Questions and proposals

2. Industrial plant energy efficiency: towards a smart industrial plant the ways of reducing the energy bills; Silviu Darie

Energy Efficiency is a complex solution which reduces energy related costs. It can also influence the feasibility of any business project and we at CM-Collaborative do our best to support our customers with the highest quality services and implement an Energy Efficiency Project. • Based on DOE and EU legislation, energy efficiency projects are those that are capable of generating simultaneously, after implementation, savings from primary energy consumption, reductions in energy costs, increases in system performance and a significant reduction of their environmental impact. • The DOE and EU 2020 strategy indicates as desirable energy efficiency projects, those generating 20% savings, but experience shows a potential up of 30-60% savings is possible in some cases. • Questions and proposals

3. Arc Flash Investigations: ways to avoid power interruptions; Silviu Darie

• Arc hazards have existed since man began using electricity; increasing deaths, injuries, and property loss from arcing faults have led to increased study into the causes, effects, and methods of protection. • Switch boards, panel boards, industrial control panels and motor control centers that are other than dwelling occupancies and are likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall be field marked to warn qualified person of potential electric arc hazards. • Flash hazard analysis shall be done before a person approaches any exposed electrical conductor or circuit part that has not been placed in electrical safe work condition. • The “Employer” is responsible for complying with OSHA requirements, electrical safety program, safety policies, procedures and Safety Training; • The “Employee” is responsible for implementing procedures; • The “Plant/Jobsite Owner” is inherently responsible for Contractors on site. • One presents the steps for implementing an Arc Flash investigation project. • Questions and proposals