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ICT Technologies

The C&M Collaborative Technologies – ICT Technologies Team and our associated partners can benefit our clients by providing solutions utilizing state of the art technologies. Our capabilities include solutions and services as follows:

Technology services, turnkey solutions, computer software, hardware and related AV and communications electronics for:

  • Real-time web-based collaborative platforms / work environments
  • Information sharing (ISS) platforms
  • Natural user interfaces
  • Virtual reality environments
  • 3D IR depth-sensing cameras
  • Gesture recognition and control
  • Facial detection, tracking and recognition
  • Networking
  • Semantic organization of unstructured data into corporations
  • Search and analysis of textual information
  • Big Data analytics
  • Data visualization

Products and technology solutions which are presently available from our partner, Mgestyk, include

Groupive, a Real-Time Based Collaborative Platform and M3Data, an Information Sharing Platform, provide solutions of high importance and demand for organizations  groups of specialists to collaborate for the purpose of assembling complex analysis reports in the shortest time possible.

The combination of Groupive and the M3Data information sharing platform makes a unique offering for the needs of collaborative data-centric organizations.

Groupive is a unique product which combines a new chat-driven architecture for collaborative rich-text and media editing and consumption by multiple users in parallel and in real-time (co-editing). One of its unique feature is the universality of the detection, propagation, and synchronization of new HTML5 (Web) content (rich-text, tables, images, etc.) introduced within a document in real-time from multiple users. In addition to co-editing, Groupive has chat service which plays a central role in session initiation and coordination of group activities via Web-based push technologies.

To enable real-time co-editing of HTML5 content, Mgestyk has developed new proprietary algorithms and protocols which can control the operational transformations applied on the client and server level via parsing and interpreting the Document Object Model (DOM) within XML files. The foundation of the algorithms produced by Mgestyk stems from the “Collaborative Smart Objects”, an Mgestyk innovation in this domain. These objects are entirely web-based and contain information related to their embedding in the content, as well as to the interactive functions created for assisting the users in their collaborative work.

Currently Groupive is the only collaborative real-time co-editing platform capable of applying the needed editing operations transformations on HTML5 content as to as to endow popular Social Business Software (SBS) platforms with real-time co-editing capabilities for Web documents. In particular, Groupive is fully integrated with the Jive SBS platform. The Jive SBS platform is currently used in Fortune 500 companies and government organizations as their solution for workgroup collaboration and content management. However Jive SBS lacks real-time co-editing capabilities and Groupive is the only platform capable of enabling real-time co-editing of Jive documents.

Jive Software is a company publicly traded company (NASDAQ: JIVE) and has been named a Social Software Leader by Gartner in their 2014 Social Software for the Workplace report. Mgestyk is the only Jive Technology Partner and Integrator offering a Real-Time Based Collaborative Platform for Co-editing of Jive documents.

M3Data ISS delivers an off-the-shelf Information Sharing Backbone that provides a standard way of monitoring, accessing, translating, cleansing, unifying, synchronizing and distributing data—all from a single product and across an entire organization. It bootstraps any information sharing project using M3Data ISS’ out-of-the-box and easy-to-use toolset that includes a Control Layer Console (CLC), a Data Flow Processing Studio (DFPS) and a Data Flow Engine.

The CLC is a centralized, administration console used to perform enterprise-wide deployment, security setup, debugging and management of information sharing projects. Out-of-the-box modularized deployment enables organizations to keep upfront costs down by tailoring functionality to the project’s size and scope, while still remaining responsive to future market demands. Maintenance costs are also reduced through reduction of ad-ministration complexity and shorter training times.

The DFPS is a graphical design environment that reduces the complexity and turn-around time of your enterprise-wide projects, while minimizing disruption to your IT environment. It enables multiple Information Architects to visually design and test information sharing logic in a visible, systematic and standard way, using information flow diagrams. The M3Data ISS Data Flow Engine performs all the necessary functions to execute information flow diagrams on the run-time IT environment. The result is that enterprise information, regardless of location or format, is securely monitored, extracted, cleansed, transformed and shared with any system, application, process or person in the organization.

M3Data ISS’ enterprise-level Information Sharing Backbone enables companies to focus on competitiveness, instead of the challenges of technology so one can:

  • Improve product-to-market delivery times by responding faster to changing customer demands

  • Improve customer service by rapidly integrating enterprise information with customer-facing processes

  • Reduce operating costs by applying out-of-the-box automation and optimization to business processes

  • Devote more resources to high-level strategic initiatives by automating routine tasks

  • Turn information into action by receiving enterprise-wide data that is reliable and up-to-date

  • Reduce staff turnover risk by ensuring that all work is thoroughly documented and replicable

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