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Book synopsis : Computer Aided Power System Harmonics Analysis
Book summary : Computer Aided Power System Harmonics Analysis
Book synopsis : Short Circuit Calculation with Personal Computer Application
Article : Critical Electrical Loads and UPS


About the Author

About the Author

           Professor Dr. Silviu Darie, PhD(EE) has over 40 years experience of university level electrical engineering instruction, industry consultancy and training in power system analysis computer application.
           Dr. Darie has extensive international experience with projects and courses in several countries such as Romania, South Africa, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and USA in electrical energy distribution, electrical energy management, demand side management, power quality, transmission pricing, embedded generation as well as computer aided power system analysis and design. From 2005 to 2015 he was the Vice President of Consulting and Engineering at Power Analytics Corporation, USA in San Diego.
           Currently he is a Consultant Professor of Power Systems at Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania and University of Cape Town and since 2016 is a member of the C&M Collaborative Technologies Advisory Board and EE Managing Director.
           Dr. Darie has authored or co-authored hundreds of technical books, student manuals, technical papers and research projects. His research area covers the modeling of power system components, power system harmonics, computer aided power system design and analysis, power system distribution optimization, power system protection, industrial installation, project investigation and electro technologies.
           Dr. Darie led over 210 electrical power projects; he constructed 18 prototypes designed for mass production, holds three patents and is experienced in most leading professional software programs for electrical engineering. He has provided services to clients worldwide.